Diversifying the Presidency

The age of the old white guy in office are over! I’m not completely sure if the republicans are trying to diversify their slate of candidates but socially acceptable cadidates are of the following criteria: White, Old, Rich, Christian… and did I mention white?  Obviously we knew there was a time coming where we would have a black president.  To that I say FINALLY!  The republicans tried to diversify the election of our current President, President Obama, by choosing Sara Palin as Senator McCains running mate.

The republican party has further diversified their slate this year by running a mormon.  This is definitely new territory for the party, but its obvious that the need to push their fiscal platform outweighs social issues.  While mormon issues differ from the Christian values the republican party clings to, in the defense of the republican party, I feel Romney is a lot like the other candidates who have been in office, not a devout follower of anything other than their ego.

My only question is: Have we seen the end of the stereotypical presidents that have been the stronghold of our nation for 200 years?  Part of me hopes not but the other part of me appreciates the diversity.  When Obama was running for President there was a joke going around: A conversation was going on with God and a Man.  The man asked is a woman would ever be President.  God responded, not in your lifetime, son.  He asked if a gay would ever be President.  God responded, not in your lifetime , son.  He asked is a black person would ever be President.  God responded, not in MY lifetime, son.  Moral of the story; what couldn’t be achieved in Gods lifetime was achieved in one election cycle.  I feel like its only a matter of time before the others happen.  The American people used to see the office of the Presidency for what it is, the highest office in the land.  Now its just another public relations job.  The days of the typical president are over and while some conservatives argue the age of the Presidency is over, it will be interesting to see what happens to the highest office in the land and who hold the Office of the President of the United States.


Independence Day Reflection

Believe me, I’m one of those guys that loves the thought of independence and the fourth of July gives us a unique opportunity to celebrate the birth of our great nation. However, I’ve come to the realization that the fourth is am opportunity to celebrate a thing of the past. Something to be relished like a museum piece but not an idea that we embrace.

Sometimes we do things and have feeling as citizens they we associate with being an American but we’ve in large part forgotten what it is to be an American. Independence is not a doctrine, but an action. Independence is when someone’s child leaves home or when someone starts a business for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately Americans at large have become increasingly inner dependent on the federal government for their own lovely hoods.

We’ve reached a point in our life where we the people and we the United States have to get back to our independence roots. I love my country and my independence. Food for thought and I hope you had a fantastic independence day!



So the supreme court established that the healthcare bill from the Obama administration was in fact constructional! President Obama was indeed a conditional lawyer before his run as senator and president. Even as a republican I didn’t think that this bill would be deemed unconstitutional. However, most republicans felt that Cheif Justice Roberts was going to come through and save the republican party. After all, he owed us a favor after getting an appointment from the Bush administration, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of political favors, however, in this circumstance a political favor is not possible. For not only the republican party but the democrats as well, the supreme court is just that. It’s supreme, it’s the final word, and it’s 1 million percent non-partisan. At this time, it’s time for the republicans to get plan B drawn up, and we seen yesterday that the supreme court is doing its job. Looking at our constitution and seeing if the law their reviewing, rather they agree or disagree with it, fit into the boundaries of our construction.

On another note, I love laws and our legal system. I absolutely love Senitor Rand Paul, but if he came into my court and after my ruling told me he disagrees with my ruling, I would hold him in contempt of court. As a US Senator I understand your pedigree to make laws, but we far as the interpretation of the constitution, he’s an eye doctor. As a citizen do not undercut the
base for justice and legality in our nation, and as a republican and Kentuckian please don’t embarrass me. We shall see what plan B is and I look foward to seeing how this supremely non-partisan decision from the supreme court Plays into the extremely partisan presidential election in 12’!



How I Feel - Wax Tailor

Wax Tailor always delivers the most solid, soulful, kick-back tracks.

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This is what I’m moving toward for Spring.

Love this look. I’ve got to get some of these rounded collar shirts.

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So Let’s Talk Football

Was that halftime show not GOD Awful!?  Madonna, perhaps, should stay in her century.  Several things wrong with it… 1.) Its an insult to the viewers to come to perform at the Superbowl and lip sync.  For as long as I can remember Madonna has been universally known for one thing, yes she has several very popular songs including Like a Virgin, but everyone knows her secret… Ready?  She lip syncs!  I know, its messed up, right?

2.)  She had three of the most popular artist of the day perform with her, including CeLo Green known for F**k You, Nicki Manja known for everything, and even the infamous LMFAO with I’m Sexy and I Know It, and even with all these people she is still not culturally relevant.  She might as well went on stage and sang Barbie Girl, God knows it would have been more entertaining… at least people know the words to that song.

Finally, why is the NFL picking the wost acts in history to perform on what may be the biggest stage in the world.  According the Huffington Post it is the most viewed program with over 111 million viewers.  If you were the host of this plethora of entertainment mixed with fights and super-man caliber athletes, wouldn’t you want it to be the most entertaining thing on TV in 2012?  No one ever questioned why the Colts didn’t go the the Superbowl this year, because THEY SUCKED!  The NFL wanted it to be entertaining so the most competitive teams go to the bowl.  No one would question why Madonna wasn’t at the Superbowl, BECAUSE SHE SUCKS!  But, when someone who sucks shows up in front of 111 million people, it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of footballers and halftime show viewers everywhere… Come on NFL, pull it together!


Mr. Bryan confirmed that he had posted on his Tweeter website account that he was coming to the United States to dig up the grave of Marilyn Monroe. Also on his tweeter account Mr. Bryan posted that he was coming to destroy America.